Hotel Shunka Setouchi Ushimado Resort
380-8 Ushimado, Ushimado-cho, Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture 701-4302, Japan
TEL:0869-34-6112 / FAX:0869-34-6113

Traveling by Car

<From Osaka> From Sanyo Expressway Ako IC (via Hinase) (about 50 minutes) ⇒Exit the Sanyo Expressway at Ako IC, turn left on Prefectural Route 96, turn right at the Route 250 Nitta intersection, and drive approximately 16km toward Hinase. When you see the “Okayama Blue Line (Prefectural Route 397)” sign, turn left at the next intersection. (“Bizen Umi no Eki” is on your left) → From Bizen IC, go to “Okayama Blue Line”. From Sanyo Expressway Bizen IC (approx. 30 minutes) ⇒ Exit Sanyo Expressway “Bizen IC” and head towards National Route 2 Bizen/Hinase or Blue Line. Proceed approximately 3 km on Prefectural Route 260 (Okayama Blue Line/Nisa direction). → From Shigeyama IC, go to “Okayama Blue Line”. ≪From “Okayama Blue Line”≫ ①Turn left at the roadside station “Ipponmatsu Observatory Garden” (towards Shiriumi) ② At the intersection of Prefectural Route 225, go straight towards Ushimado (left turn: Mushiaki/right turn: Oku direction) and enter the road next to the signboard of “Shiramatsu Co., Ltd. Setouchi Factory”. ③ Follow the road for about 3km and turn left ④ Follow the road for about 900m and turn right at the Shunka signboard. ⑤ Proceed for about 700m, and at the large Hotel Shunka sign in front, turn right onto the road behind the sign and walk about 100m to arrive.

<From Hiroshima and Takamatsu> Approximately 50 minutes from Sanyo Expressway, Seto Chuo Expressway Hayashima IC Exit the Sanyo Expressway at Hayashima IC and take the National Route 2 bypass towards Bizen and Okayama. From Kimitsu IC, go to “Okayama Blue Line”. From Oku IC, take Prefectural Route 39 towards Ushimado for approximately 4.6 km and turn left at Prefectural Route 260. Continue on Prefectural Route 260 for approximately 2.3 km and turn right.


Car navigation settings

Hotel Shunka may not be listed in the car navigation information. In that case, please search and set the name of “Olive Garden Entrance” or “Ushimado Olive Shop” and the route will be set.

If you are coming by train or bus

If you are coming by train or bus From JR Ako Line Oku Station, Take the local bus bound for Ushimado and get off at Olive Garden Main entrance. It’s about a 30 minute walk.

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